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Covid/Flu Swab for Upper Respiratory Infection

Accurate Testing for Peace of Mind

At Dr. Sophia Rahman MD’s practice, we understand that respiratory illnesses, including coronavirus cold, fever congestion, and flu-like illness, can cause concern and uncertainty, especially during flu and COVID-19 seasons, can cause concern and uncertainty. Our services  provides accurate and reliable testing to help you know your health status.

Upper respiratory infections can share similar symptoms with various causes, including COVID allergies. Our service is designed to provide you with clear and timely answers, allowing you to take appropriate actions and make informed decisions about your health. Dr. Rahman is dedicated to offering accurate testing to ensure your peace of mind.

Testing Process:

Our Covid/Flu Swab testing process is straightforward and efficient:

  • Consultation: You’ll schedule an appointment with us to discuss your symptoms and concerns.
  • Swab Collection: During your appointment, a healthcare professional will collect a swab sample from your upper respiratory tract. This sample will be used for testing.
  • Laboratory Analysis: The collected swab sample is sent to a reputable laboratory for analysis.
  • Results: Once the lab completes the analysis, we will promptly provide you with your test results.

Our Covid testing in Plano, is conducted with accuracy and care, ensuring that you receive reliable results to guide your next steps. Whether you’re experiencing symptoms or simply seeking peace of mind, our testing service is designed to assist you.

For accurate and timely covid and flu tests near me, including flu shot services in Plano, contact us today to schedule an appointment. Knowing your health status is a crucial step in managing your well-being and the well-being of those around you

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